Thomas Decuypere 

°00 Kortrijk, België

Lives and works in Kortrijk.


2023-... - Educational Master in Visual Arts / LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.
2022-24 - Master in Visual Arts, Option Painting / LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.
2022 - Exchange in Fine Arts / UWE Bristol, United Kingdom
2019-22 - Bachelor in Visual Arts, Option Painting  / LUCA School Of Arts, Ghent.
2015-19 - Visual Arts / Design & Art School, Kortrijk.

2021-22 - Jonas Vansteenkiste, Sunday Morning @ EKWC, Oisterwijk Netherlands
Thomas Decuypere's (BE, 2000) artistic journey is the world of video games, a digital dimension now deeply rooted in our culture. Throughout the colourful palette of his artworks, the rich aesthetics of well-known video game icons such as Super Mario and Minecraft are embraced and reinterpreted. This creates an engaging dialogue between pop culture and art, seamlessly blending the boundaries of the digital realm and traditional art.
Alongside these digital influences, we find a tribute to the classic landscapes that have inspired art for centuries. In a masterful fusion of eras, the timeless beauty and serenity of these landscapes are interwoven with modern expression. This creates a unique visual narrative that both evokes nostalgia and offers a fresh and contemporary perspective. The works invite the viewer to explore the boundaries of the imagination.
A particularly remarkable facet of Thomas's artistic exploration is the series of self-portraits in which he depicts himself as Greek gods. This transformation into archetypal figures from classical mythology goes beyond a mere visual transposition; it demonstrates a deep understanding. By portraying himself as these timeless figures, Thomas explores his own human experience within a broader context of mythic narratives.
The richness of Greek mythology is further explored in his artworks, intertwining the stories of gods and heroes with modern themes and ideas. This creates a layering that invites the viewer to deep reflection and interpretation, demonstrating how timeless stories can still be relevant and inspiring in contemporary society.
The seamless fusion of digital and traditional elements, the exploration of iconic figures and themes from pop culture and the deep immersion in Greek mythology testify to an artist whose work is both a celebration and renewal of art forms from different time periods.
In Medias Res, Barbé, Gent, 18.03.23 - 09.04.23 © Shivadas

Solo Exhibitions
'Can't Stop The Gods from Engineering'Barbé, Ghent Belgium 25.05.24

Group/Duo Exhibitions
2024 - 
'Biënalle van de Schilderkunst' - Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek, Deinze Belgium 30.06.24 - 06.10.24
'‘<____>’' (Smaller than, larger than) - Barbé, Ghent Belgium 02.12.23 - 21.01.24
'BARBÉ X KETELEER GALLERY' - Knokke, Belgium 02.07.23 - 08.23
'THE SEQUEL' - GRADUATION SHOW - LUCA School of Arts, Ghent Belgium 24.06.23 - 25.06.23
'PANIEK IN DE DISKUS'- DISKUS, Aalst Belgium 17.06.23 - 18.06.23
'Works on Paper' - Barbé, Ghent Belgium 10.06.23 - ...
'In Medias Res' - Barbé, Ghent Belgium 18.03.23 - 09.04.23
‘Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth​​​​​​' - Barbé Urbain, Ghent, Belgium 26.11.22 - 15.01.23
'YOUNG ONES' - CAS, Contemporary Art Space, Ostend, Belgium 26.11.22 - 18.12.22
'HISTORY OF THE FUTURE' - Sint-Janshospitaal en Godhuis, Damme, Belgium 01.10 - 11.12
'30 Onder 30' - Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke, Belgium 11.09 - 16.10
'PLUSSING' - WARP Contemporary Art Platform, Sint Niklaas, Belgium 13.08 - 12.09
F-Block Gallery Bower Ashton, Bristol, United Kingdom 05.04 - 07.04
De Gaverprijs, Cultuurcentrum De Schakel, Waregem, Belgium 15.01 - 27.02
2021 -
 Wijk8, Rooigemlaan 158, Ghent, Belgium 05.03 - 07.03
BROEIHAARD Open Air Exhibition, Lier, Belgium  08.05 - 09.05
Door het doek het schilderij. Een zoektocht naar de meester. Roger Raveel Museum, Machelen, Belgium  08.08 - 24.10 
2020 - 
BEHIND THE GLASS By Jonas Vansteenkiste, Harelbeke, Belgium 26.03 - 10.04
aSummer Show with Barbé & Keteleer Gallery, Dr. De Beirwoning Knokke 02.07.23 - 01.08.23 © Shivadas
Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth​​​​​​, Barbé, Gent, 26.11.22 - 15.01.23 © Shivadas
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